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    POV Eyewear Team - Aug 05 2020

    Wayfarers - Suave Shades for Men

    With all of the sunglasses out on the market, it is definitely not always easy to decide on a style that you like. The plethora of options is by no means a bad thing, but for those guys that get easily overwhelmed, it makes shopping for sunglasses a bit more intense and complicated. This is where wayfarer sunglasses come into play.

    Although wayfarers are definitely a unisex style and should be a closet staple for every gender, we strongly believe that EVERY man needs to own a pair. This classic style is one that works on every face shape, which almost sounds too good to be true. The trapezoid shape, somewhat curved rims and neat top bar instantly turn you into a sophisticated dude that is disturbingly cool. Channel your inner Bob Dylan, James Bond, Tom Cruise or JFK by sporting a pair of this popular style.

    The best part about wayfarers? You can go the simple route and get a pair of plain shades, or you can rock a colorful pair with some extra details. The choice is yours and regardless of the choice you make, you are bound to look like you know a thing or two about fashion. If you have decided you want to go the wayfarer route but do not know where to start, we are here for you. Almost every brand makes a version of this timeless style, but we have chosen our four favorites.

    Ray-Ban: Ray-Ban is actually the brand behind this iconic style, so we have them to thank. They introduced wayfarers back in the 1950s and have been selling them since, so if you find yourself struggling to choose a pair, starting with Ray-Ban is not a bad idea. Ray-Ban has a ton of different color options and even offers a pair of wayfarers that has folding capability!

    Tom Ford: If you are looking for a pair of wayfarers with that “WOW” factor, Tom Ford definitely has a good selection. All Tom Ford shades scream luxury and style, and the brand’s wayfarers feature the iconic Tom Ford gold palladium “T” detailing. This manages to make them subdued, yet bold and turns them into a lavish pair of shades.

    Persol: Persol’s take on the wayfarer style is impressive, as the brand has taken an already smooth style and made it something even smoother. Persol’s wayfarers feature larger lenses than those typically associated with the style, offering more coverage than the normal pair.

    Oakley: Oakley’s version of this ageless style is perfect for those looking for a pop color. The brand’s wayfarers, known as the Frogskins, have a retro vibe and feature colorful, mirrored lenses that block 100% of UV rays and blue light. The Frogskins are definitely a reliable pair of shades that let you enjoy life while also looking super cool.

    There are so many different brands and versions of the wayfarer that we absolutely love, so narrowing it down to just four brands was not easy, but we had to start somewhere! Regardless of your style, price point, or lifestyle, there is a definitely a pair of wayfarers out there for you. Do yourself a favor and add a pair (or three) into your sunglass rotation. You will thank us later.