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    POV Eyewear Team - Aug 05 2020

    Do I Really Need to Wear Sunglasses?

    Besides being one of the finest—if not THE finest—accessories, sunglasses are one of the best ways you can protect your eyes. Your eyes are one of your most important organs and the most important sensory organ of your body. Having said that, you should be doing everything in your power to protect them, and wearing sunglasses is the first step.

    Sunglasses are something that should be worn year-round because you should be taking care of your eyes 365 days a year. Of their most important benefits, sunglasses shield your eyes from UV rays/light. These rays are present all year-long and can have negative effects on the retina, eyelid, cornea and lens. Excessive UV exposure can lead to things such as cataracts and macular degeneration, neither of which are pleasant. You should be wearing sunglasses on those sunny summer days, but also in the winter and on cloudier days because you’re constantly exposed to UV rays.

    Sunglasses are also extremely beneficial because they protect your eyes from the various elements present outside. Basic things such as sand, dust, wind and snow can all irritate your eyes and can even lead to permanent damage. However, sunglasses act as a protective shield on your eyes from these abrasive elements and automatically make your time outside that much more enjoyable.

    A simple benefit of wearing sunglasses is that they help you see better in the sun and bright light. Most sunglass lenses work to cut down the glare, as well enhance the colors of your view. This can make something like driving a much safer and enjoyable task, and can even improve an activity like fishing. We all know how irritating a reflective glare is and at times, it can even lead to terrible headaches and migraines. With sunglasses, however, your eyes are protected from this discomfort.

    After reading this blog, we hope you understand just how important sunglasses truly are. Protective gear is usually not all that stylish, but that’s definitely not something you have to worry about with sunglasses. POV can help you find a pair of shades that fits your needs so you can start protecting your eyes today.