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    The POV Eyewear Team - Aug 05 2020

    The Cat-Eye trend

    ITseems like everywhere you turn your head, you see a pair of cat-eye sunglasses or opticals. Every major brand has released their take on the style, and the number of cat-eye glasses on the market only seems to be growing and growing. But, when and how did the trend become so popular?Cat-eyes frames rose to popularity in the 1950s and ‘60s and symbolized a huge transition from what was already on the market. Prior to the cat-eye frame, there were very few stylish options out there for women to choose from. This meant that women could not express themselves through their eyewear. This quickly changed once this everlasting style entered the scene.

    Cat-eye glasses got their big break after Audrey Hepburn wore a pair in Breakfast at Tiffany’s and after that, this style’s popularity absolutely exploded. Marilyn Monroe, Princess Diana and Grace Kelly were just a few of the Hollywood starlets associated with the cat-eye look and these frames began to represent a new, stylish era for women.

    Throughout time, the cat-eye frame has definitely changed, but the winged-out style has remained constant. Initially, the frames were designed to only be worn with optical lenses, but as they gained traction, this was no longer the case. The traditional cat-eye look was a small and narrow frame, but has since then shifted into a larger, more oversized frame. Today, you can find a cat-eye frame in basically any size, thickness and color.

    The cat-eye trend has withstood the test of time and in the fashion realm, that is a very difficult test to pass. These frames appear to be here for the long haul, and we are by no means upset with that. Check out our “Cat-Eye Picks” edit to shop some of our favorite looks in this category.

    Sure, we may be biased, but sunglasses are the perfect depiction of the ultimate accessory. They’re something that’ll actually do good for you (protect your eyes) and spice up your outfit, so there’s nothing wrong with being a bit sunglasses-obsessed. Check out our huge selection of sunglasses to find a pair to help out with your obsession, you won’t be sorry.